Men, Have You Felt That Your Church Leadership Has NOT Been Speaking to Your Needs But Have You Been Reluctant to Raise The Critical Questions That Will Benefit Many?


Perhaps You or Other Men You Know Like Your Father, Brothers, Sons and Friends Continue to Struggle Despite An Unwaivering Commitment and Consistent Contributions to the Ministry!


Nicholas Carl Moore, author of the controversial book "Why Most Black Churches Fail Most Black Men" invites you to gets access to these free videos. They share insight into why even the most well intentioned men from all walks of life continue to struggle  in it’s congregation. Questions like the following are addressed: 


  • What am I still doing here?
  • Where do I fit in?
  • Does anybody else feel this way?
  • I am hurting and frustrated with no one to talk to....
  • There has got to be more.....!

Gain Immediate Access to a Series of Free Videos Which Will Shed Light On Many Aspects of the Type of Suppression That Many Men, Like You Are Facing Today at the Hands of Our Spiritual Leaders. Does Your Sunday Sermon Leave You Feeling: 

  • Betrayed
  • Abused
  • Neglected
  • Exploited
  • Overlooked
  • Demoralized
  • Powerless

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