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Perhaps You or the Men in Your Life Like Your Father, Brothers, Sons and Friends Are NOT Having Your Spiritual Needs Fulfilled?

Review This Series of Free Videos Which Will Shed Light On Many Aspects of the Type of Suppression That Many Men Are Facing Today at the Hands of Their Spiritual Leaders. The following will be discussed:

  • Well Known Ministers Abuse of Power
  • Why Men Are Ineffective in their Churches
  • Why Most Sermons Don’t Speak To Their Needs
  • Why Some Get Preferential Treatment and Others Fail


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Learn the Well Known But Often Overlooked  Signs of How Greedy Church Leadership is Rendering Many Men Ineffective as:


  • Leaders of Their Family Households
  • Captains of Their Communities
  • Respected Role Models for Others
  • The Master of Their Fate

What are these Little Known Secrets that are shaping the lives of the men within the Body of Christ? Just click on the link provided for below and learn about the other tips that are included in these Free Videos immediately.

Gain insight into the content of a controversial book by Nicholas Carl Moore entitled Why Most Black Churches Fail Most Black Men. This book shares many of the secrets that may be keeping you or the men in your life from realizing their blessings, their talents or the ministries within each of us.

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What about these Little Known Secrets that are shaping the lives of the men within the Body of Christ? Many will be shared in the Free Videos that are being provided for you. However, you should consider getting your copy of the controversial book that is taking the public by storm "Why Most Black Churches Fail Most Black Men."

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Gain insight into how Nicholas Carl Moore is shaking up the establishment to its core by unveiling the unsavory tactics used by many Christian leaders.  

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